"Lids" by Lotus Child (now The Zolas)

I've been obsessed with The Zolas since, oh, about a year and a half ago, when I watched Billy Bishop Goes to War with the Arts Club at my school. Wondering where the connection is? Read my (somewhat embarrassing [holy crap I was crazy]) rant here. So this fixation grows and grows, and then I went to their concert in Granville Island sometime in February of this year, and saw them perform at Summer Live, and it's safe to say... I'm a full-on Zolas Super-fanatic.

Although I've been in love with The Zolas for a long while, I've never really listened to songs from their now defunct band, Lotus Child, until a few weeks ago. Due to insomnia (sigh =.=) I've been using my Blackberry for Youtube... so I listened to The Zolas and Lotus Child every night, non-stop. Am I still crazy?


Because I am crazy, I will attempt to conduct a critical analysis of the song "Lids" by the lovely Zach Gray and Tom Dobrzanski (whose name, for me, has always been difficult to say, for I am the Asian girl who gets confused by the random "rz" mash-up in the name) (jokes, Tom, I love you) or more specifically, the lyrics of the song.

Why? 'Cause I thought it'd be fun, and I'm... WIDE AWAKE I'M WIDE AWAKE I'M WIDE AWA-Y-KE. Ahahah, if you understood my joke, YOU'RE TOO COOL. (And I'm really lame.)

So, here goes everything:

[Verse 1]
Lids they're found in magazines
They hang like guillotines
Daunting over perfect scenes
Poised above my head
Lids they act like autumn leaves
They'll bring you in a breeze
Painted nails on broken feet
Strangle every step
Just, just don't jump
Too high
Frail girl
It's not your place
To look,
For more than this.
More than this.
[Verse 2]
Lids they're sewn into your clothes
They never decompose
Picked apart by worms and crows
Only tags remain
Swimming in your blood they seize
The possibilities
All these years your feet were knees
Darling if you please 
More than this.
Lids over my ears
Over my eyes
Over my pots and pans
Bring me to ah--
Lids over my ears
Over my eyes
Over my pots and pans
Bring me to a boil
Lids over my ears
Over my eyes
Over my pots and pans
Bring me to a boil
More than this.
Oh-oh-oh, etc.

There is a great deal of imagery alluding to fashion, beauty, and body parts and/or features, and even society's portrayal of "The Ideal". First of all, a song that is named "Lids" is in itself very intelligent and metaphorical, for the word "lid" has two meanings: the first being a physical cover or a top that encloses another object, and the second being the fold of skin that forms the opening of the human eye (i.e. an eyelid) -- hm, a cover that hides what is beneath it, and the closing and opening of our eyes to view the world... In my opinion, the writer of the song intends to make it clear that what we see may not always be what is ideal, what is real, and what is... well, beautiful.

Zach's clear, baritone voice scolds this "frail girl" during the chorus and instructs her to not aim for the higher ideal standards that are set by modern society, especially, the media ("Lids they're found in magazines"). When one doesn't try to "look for more than this" (the word "this" may refer to, perhaps, one's own personal appearance and inner beauty), one will finally view reality. In this song, I believe "frail" does not mean the girl is physically weak, but morally weak, and oftentimes the word "frail" is used to describe Man as opposed to the Divine. Also, frail objects are easily broken and damaged, and perhaps, this girl is exactly that, mentally.

There are instances of negative connotation to describe an object placed near a body part or the body part itself, such as "Lids they hang like guillotines / daunting over perfect scenes / poised above my head" and  "painted nails on broken feet / strangle every step". In the second verse, the writer reverts back to criticizing fashion and clothing, and portrayal of "The Ideal" by the media (which The Zolas have done before in other songs as well), by using animal imagery of "worms and crows" picking at one's indestructible clothing. The paradox is that the clothing "never decompose" and yet they are able to be torn apart by the smallest creatures of death. The phrasing of "worms and crows" hints at burial and ominousness, for crows are thought to be the bringers of night and death, and worms... sure they will tickle you once you are six-feet-under. Well, they'll digest your corpse actually, and turn it back to Mother Earth.

The bridge brings out another side of the story. Zach and Tom admits that they too have had these "lids" over their eyes, their ears. The line "over my pots and pans / bring me to a boil" is either a metaphor for their anger boiling over, or it can also breathe a sexual tone that will permeate the bridge. Maybe the writer is confessing that he's ashamed to say he's attracted to girls who (seemingly) have achieved "The Ideal": skinny, tall, blonde, tanned, 36D, latest fashions, painted and varnished. These lids cover one's eyes, and all we see are the ephemeral falsified beauty, and not the kindness, generosity, talent, genius -- the inner beauty -- of others. Interestingly enough, there is an English idiom that may relate to this song: "If 'ifs' and 'ands' were pots and pans, there'd be no work for tinkers' hands". This idiom means to say: there's no use in wishing and desiring material items, or even "The Ideal" (our 'ifs' and 'ands').

The hook ends the song with almost grandiose, religious-sounding chords and with majestic vocalization by Tom and Zach.

Thanks for reading!
The only reason I was able to write this so coherently this early in the morning is because of The Zolas. They gave me insomnia. Lol, jokes! (; Pfft well I'm not the one staying up all night thinking about Marlaina, am I?

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  1. LMFAO I read your old post on Zachery haha. Yes, it's super fangirl but it's cute :D.

    I think your analysis was quite thoughtful. The problem with analysing these kind of songs is that by the end I get kind of depressed. They always point out human flaws of others, tell what should be done instead, and then let us down by saying that they have the same flaws as well. OK, so I know the point is for people to not strive for perfection and the ideal.... BUT I WANT TO. The flaw they pointed out in others and themselves is in me too. And that's kind of depressing. =__=

    I had Marlaina stuck in my head last night too! I woke up this morning repeating the first verse inside my head. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not LOL.

    Btw, we should totally do the himegyaru look together after my piano exam! We can bring Flora along too so she can do it with us!... or laugh at us. Somehow, I think it will be to laugh at us =___=.

    I'm going to end this rambly comment here. I'm still too piano-crazed to make sense. (BAD BAD BAD)

    mad love,
    Haruka :D

  2. yippieee, you are going to have your 2nd blogversary :D sounds so cool!

    Sweet and sugars,

  3. Is that end picture REALLY 3D? I have some 3D glasses lying around here somewhere. I must find them (when I'm not at the library, so when I say "here" I mean my house). I find this really, really, really amazing. I don’t know why, but when people manage to make their images and etc. I am seriously impressed. I mean, I don’t even like 3D, but making your images so is really cool.

    Ahem. OK. Maybe we should get away from that subject. What I also think is cool is your bar down the bottom. I even changed everything to Japanese just to test out its awesomeness (it’s pretty awesome).

    And I can’t’ believe you just analyzed that whole song. All the while I was reading it I was just thinking: Whoa, she must be English Queen or something. I’ve never heard of these “Zola” people before, although I think you mention them once before (not in that ranting).

    I think I was looking at massacre photos to annoy my friend. I can’t actually remember why or why I mentioned it =_= I’m so daft at the moment.

    Have a great day of further Zola analyzing ;)

  4. I really like your reviews on... things. I never heard of them before! 2nd blogversary? Ahw, cool! :D And if that last photo really is 3D (looks a lot like it) it is AWESOME. (it is awesome nonetheless, don't worry ;))

  5. Can't wait to see your outfit posts! <3


  6. Hi there! Oh yes I designed the Header by my own, it wasnt that difficult. I had the idea in my mind and so everything comes together! Thank you! Yeah the price of the shoes was really awesome! I'm a lucky girl! :D :D

    Your gonna sing? Well I'm excited to hear that! And i want a Outfit Pooost!

  7. hey mimi, long time no talk
    nice song you posted up, gonna check them out definitely
    and i want to see you sing !

    how are yaa

    visit me if you have a mo :)


  8. While people may have different views still good things should always be appreciated. Yours is a nice blog. Liked it!!!

  9. I loled when I read your problem with 'rz' 'cause almost every surname in Poland has that ^^(sz, ch, ż, ó, cz - have also nice sound, hah)

    about my drawing - I'm still noob XD I'm using tablet bamboo (I've started learning month ago). It's totally different then 'normal' drawing or painting, because you look at a screen and your hand is below... aaa XD it's difficult to explain - you have to try it by yourself ; ))


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