selective solitude

I love my friends. They are funnier than an episode of Friends, street-smart and book-smart, and always classy. I value every one of my friendships, especially that this summer is going to be the last one I'll spend with a few of my close friends. Especially now that I'm older, and I know that good friendships will be harder to find and maintain.

To our new friend, I say "HEY-OOOO" (;
Once I move to the UBC campus in Vancouver, I'll be discovering the neighbourhoods and campus haunts most likely by myself. I'm looking forward to this... to finally branch out and learn the urban locales alone, like some intrepid adventurer -- or, erm, a (hopefully not timid) freshman. I'm also a bit nervous. But hey, I've got you lovelies, and -- if I'm feeling particularly lonely -- my Blackberry with its contact list, the Internet, and a few friends at UBC to show me around and keep me alive. It's exciting though, and I can't stop thinking about this new life awaiting.

And being alone is never a bad thing.

P.S. I got new glasses... I know you're LOL'ing... don't even try to hide it. They looked better BEFORE I bought them. Ahhhh well hahahah.


  1. I cross my fingers and wish you luck ! courage, girl!

  2. Oh ;___; GOOD LUCK! I love how you see this as a new adventure, something interesting and fun to look forward to. I hope you make some good friends over at the Uni :'D and btw your glasses look cute on you and I don't think they look lulz worthy 8D I felt the same way with my new glasses, they looked better in the display case and when I tried them on but days later I got sick of them. lolol

    This might be pretty late but thanks for your advice on of my posts! ;o; <3 It means so much Mimi!

  3. This post cheered me on to look forward to coming year! :D You are right on the friends too, I think it is very important to maintain the great friends we have and try making lots of new ones.

    (and my, I didn't know there were youtube movies on "how to be alone" ! HAHAHAHA!)

  4. What lovely pictures of you and your friends! It's awesome to have friends like them!

  5. It is great to have good friends and distance or time apart does show you who the real ones are.

    Good luck with uni it should be a great adventure for u, I can't wait to read all about it.

  6. cute as, i love your dip dye hair and skirt!


  7. Haha I love that gif! I never want to go away for college, ugh I'm such a wimp but I envy your courage to venture out and am sure you'll make loads of new friends. If not, internet land is always a great place to socialize with the exception of pedo creepers in teen chat rooms of course.
    And in response to your comment, I love Stylelikeu and Rachel Trachtenburg is one of my favorites! But I was forced to make bows out of wrappers in an art class as a kiddo so learned from there. And hahaha you're right, I'm totally down for thinking outside of the box but "boys" out of candy wrappers would be a bit too much...

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  9. i like that last pic! :D


  10. Aha, lovely photo's of you and your friends.
    You guys look like you always have fun times together : D
    Aha they sounds like real women too.
    iHope you have fun at UBC then & you must always keep in contact with those lovely ladies ~ ! !

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    and about award, no problem :)


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