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GEO Angel circle lens in 'Violet'
I received my free pair of prescription circle lenses from the lovely Ms. Karyan Yuen of IWantCute.com (located physically in the UK, but they ship worldwide!), and was immediately excited to review them. I've only recently developed this obsession (maybe around Christmas '10) with these lenses that enlarge your eyes, mostly 'cause they come in the most vivid, bright, candy colours, and... well, I do have boring, small eyes. I have four pairs currently, and will definitely be acquiring more ^-^

Along with the lenses, a free contacts case and small cell phone charm were included in the package as well.

This is the picture provided on the website:

This is my review:
Sorry for blurry photos... My camera wouldn't focus so close to my face LOL
Colour: ★★★☆☆ The colour is almost grey-ish or blue-ish in sunlight, and only violet when flash is used. This is probably because my irises are black, which means the colour is distorted. For people with lighter eye colours, the violet in the lens will show up much better.
Comfortableness: ★★★★☆ Feels just as comfy as your normal prescription-from-the-optometrist's lenses. However, I pulled an all-nighter by accident last night so basically I didn't sleep, and my eyes did get dry and uncomfortable after ~9 hours BUT that would've happened with my normal lens too.
Enlargement of Eyes: ★★★☆☆ With eye makeup, these circles lenses do enlarge your eyes (specifically, the size of your pupils, giving the illusion of "bigger" eyes). However, I feel as though my other circle lenses enlarge my eyes better than the Angel series. Due to the thick black line on the outside of the circle lenses, the colour doesn't extend as far out.
Natural-looking: ★★★★★ Honestly, I think this looked more natural than my GEO Nudy lenses in 'Blue'!
Recommend: YES. Even though the colour might not be as pure as I would like it to be due to my black eye colour, the lenses appear very natural, it gives my eyes a clear, shiny look, and also enlarges my eyes when I wear eye makeup.

I decided to take my look farther; whenever I wear circle lenses, I always tend to dress up a bit more! Which is good 'cause I'm usually too lazy to do so (:

And here we go...
Yup, I decided to draw inspiration from the Ganguro girls of Japan, and used dark foundation, whited out my lips with light concealer, and drew a star and a heart below my left eye. Because I was going out, I didn't wanna make it too crazy, so skipped a whole lotta stuff, like white eyeshadow ring around the eyes, highlighter for nose and forehead, and a blonde wig. (Note to self: Buy blonde wig.) Also, I didn't have any stickers to stick on my face ): (NTS: Buy stickers to stick on face.)
Red suspenders: American Apparel; legwarmers: Claire's; Wolf shirt: random gift shop in Harrison; floral skort: Sirens

Hope you enjoyed this review and outfit post, lovelies.

Thanks again, IWantCute!

For my readers, there's a 10% off code for circle lenses: "soyconfessions".
IWantCute ships worldwide for free and there's a sale going on right now! They offer both plano and prescription lenses, and from July 18th - August 18th, you can buy one, get the second for half price, yay :D
Wanna buy the exact lenses I reviewed? Click here to visit the page!


  1. You look so cute with these lenses (even if you don't have a make up *u* ) and I'm glad that you was inspired by ganguro girls not Yamambas ! : D

  2. the lenses look great and I looove your outfit! Suspenders ftw hehe

  3. You should try the nudy purple ones! My coworker had them on and they were soooo pretty and obviously purple! <3
    Ganguro... meh. I prefere the himegyaru look lol =u=
    Mad love,

  4. So pretty.
    And omg your hair is cool, so is your outfit!


  5. Oh whoa, cool! I'm really scared of lenses myself... or anything in my eye really.. which is a ridiculous fear (I KNOW!) But anyway, to stop my nonsensical ramble, you look awesome, exclamation mark. (!)

  6. Wow those are amazing! Love the color!

  7. VIOLET EYES? Wah, wayyy cool. You look really adorable. I don't know why, but "kitten" came to mind. Kittens are wayyy adorable, so this is a good thinG!

    And I love your suspenders!


  8. Those lenses looks wonderful on you ^^ Plus I'm loving the hair color <3

  9. Nice lenses! The violet looks so pretty. You look really cute! The little star and heart is such a cute touch.
    Btw, I LOVE your hair!

  10. Amazing review on these lenses.
    I'm gonna try to get some of the nude collection when my dad gets back hopefully ~


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