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I love my new blouse. Bought it at Urban Planet for $20. You'll see it in the next outfit post. The one thing I don't like about it, is the strange cut. It's oversized obviously, but the front is way too long. I like blouses where the front is slightly shorter than the back. But I won't complain too much because I love it despite its one flaw.

Also I like playing around with colours while wearing... none. Monochromatic outfits for the past two days! Yet when I turn on my Photoscape, all I want to see is green, yellow, red hues. At least my hair and lenses give me some colour in real life.


  1. MIMI. Where did you buy your shorts?~~~

    I've been looking for those types for AGES (saw them on ft stores but they were never going to fit me).

    They're sooo cute~ and the function well as safety shorts under really short skirts and dresses.

    Lemme know!
    Mad love,

  2. Hello, again, after a very, very long time again...

    Anywho, I have two things to question you about.

    One is: Are your lenses bright blue or is that just the coloring, because it's looks super-mega-foxy-awesome-hot (<-- I'm going obsessed for "A Very Potter Musical" Heard of it? If you have, I love you [in the non-creepy-person-over-the-internet-way]).

    And number two: I was browsing the layout of your blog, awe-inspired, and I was curious to know, are those two ads from your site, like a real dress shop and big eye lenses? Just curious. Because it’s SMFAH.

    Yeah. OK, that’s all I wanted to say (spell check).
    See you next post ;)

  3. I love love love love your new blouse! And your shorts are incredibly cute! I know what you mean about being totally monochromatic, I basically live in black/white and every shade in between, even my hair is black :(


  4. I'm making a flash game (my boyfriend is a computer programmer ^^) so it will be a real game ; ) I think it'll be available to play in Nov (but I'm not sure).

    green-yellow-red - isn't in the colours of reggae ? ; )) and what is that song under the last pic? I liked it !

  5. wow!! reallllly love your hair, suits you super well


  7. Well its still a really cute top : D
    & Yeah the 2nd picture is very lovely.

  8. Well I think you should totally try them! I think the mimi lens will suit mimi, no? ;D

    Ahhh.. I don't wanna buy from online. Since she's based in Taiwan, they're mostly small sizes. Tops are fine for me to buy but not pants. won't fit >.<

    I just came back from portland! bought a cuute coach messanger bag. <3

    Mad love,


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