"Home" (original poem)

blouse: Urban Planet; pleated skirt: mom's vintage; bag: mom's vintage; furtail: Mexy (not sponsored; bought myself!); shoes: thrifted @ Value Village (was $10! slightly bigger size but it's fine hahah)

I'm moving out on the 3rd of September. Orientation on the 4th. And then... university life, aw yeah. (I'll be the girl who gets lost a bazillion times during the first week! Woot can't wait!)

I'll be taking in photo submissions for Alter Ego for, like, ever, so just keep sending them in to sunny.mimi.chen@hotmail.com ! Svenja's atmospheric photo is on display currently on Alter Ego under a post named "Comme il faut", so check it out! I'm still writing a new post every day, and will be doing so for the next while, hahah.

As for your comments... YES I will be replying... very soon! Sorry for the wait, guys. I've just been so busy with work and my ear and (cough) shopping and going out with the family. BUT my replies are coming, you can bet your Jeffrey Campbell Litas on it!


  1. Wow, that was a really really super good poem you got there Mimi : D
    Keep up the awesome work ~
    & Very nice outfit, looks super adorable.

  2. Your bag is has a ... tail?

    I loved your poem, usually I'm against poems - well, not "against" but I simply do not like learning about them or writing them (perhaps because I suck, terribly). But I loved this, probably because it's a poem that tells a story and reflects on something actually interesting (*cough* Hedgehogs *cough*).

    Have a great day ;)

  3. I love love loved the poem, free verse is definitely the best style of poetry :)
    Also....ARGHHHH you're moving out soon! It must be so scary and exciting and just plain awesome, whereas I will be living with my parents for the next 4 years, possibly forever haha


  4. lovely poem and i really like your outfit!!
    the gif image makes my day


  5. the most interesting things are yet to come, cute Nerd ; )

  6. hi mimi! i love your bloggaversary performance on youtube, you are so talented! anyways just want to pop by and say this GIF is soo nice! haha! great outfit too. chic as always.


  7. O_O

    You. Look. So. Awesome.

    I was going to comment on that poem and everything, but whoa. Your outfit is super-duper-awesome. Enough said.

  8. WOW love your outfit and your blog!

  9. ooooh nice outfit! very 80s goth. I hope you enjoy college! the first few weeks are terrifying but it gets better once you figure out how everything works. and hopefully meet some people.

    I like your poem, I always like poems that are about...wandering...haha I guess that's the best word to describe it.



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