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1 2 outfit.

3 What's in my bag? My old Blackberry Curve; a beat-up makeup bag from Claire's which is usually filled with my Burt's Bees lipbalm, ReNu eye drops, Clean&Clear oil blotting sheets, a mint, and a heart mirror gifted by a close friend (circa '08); comb; coin purse; keys; shitload of transit fare tix (this is only the tip of the iceberg); new Hello Kitty wallet. All this in my go-to bag, something I thrifted a year ago. This bag goes with everything and just gives my outfits a casual, summery, vintage feel.

4 My sunglasses collection. Ummm I need more variety. I have the same sunglasses in like five colours/patterns (all of them matching each other was just a coincidence; I like the shape, that's all). And two cat-eyes and only one pair of aviators and random round sunnies...

"Lions in Cages" - Wolf Gang


  1. Your hair is red AND is that a NOSE PIERCING I SEE??

    Good Lord I've missed a lot!

  2. thanks for the congratulations dear :) you're too sweet! xx opinionslave
    / twitter: @opinionslave

  3. lurrve the matching bow and belt! must try that out sometime mwahah. I LOVE YOUR SUNNIES COLLECTION, and don't worry that's totally my favourite glasses...shape as well hahah
    xx cindy

  4. your hair is amazing ♥ and i totally love all the shades you own. superrr jealous!

  5. WAH YOU LOOK SO FIERCE. Your outfits just get BETTER AND BETTER. I love the cropped top and EEEK. That bow is just the most darling little touch! I loooove it!

    And holy moly! You have quite the collection of sunglsses. I'm loving those circle ones. They are amazing! I want circle ones, but I think my head might be too round for that, haha.


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  7. HOLY shiiiii..
    That's a lot of sunnies =___= like SUNNY plural! :D

    Ok.. I'm lame :D

    Mad love,

  8. I'm so jealous of your sunglasses *-* I'm also a big sucker for those but I'm so cheap, I never buy any -.- stupid me

  9. I love your outfit, so cute!

  10. wow your blog is really beautiful!
    love your outfit!

    kisses from germany

  11. love your style and blog,

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  13. Lord, that's a ton of sunglasses. : O
    & Aha iLove the little thing you have in your purse : 3
    Looking lovely as usual.


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