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Last Tuesday, Svenja from Loudish featured me in her Outfit Campaign post! Click on over to her blog, where she features wonderful and fashionable bloggers every week -- and Svenja herself has an amazing sense of style.

And here are some photos of Playland (: The most fun I've had in a while! I'm going to miss my friends for sure. One of them's going to school in the Caribbeans, lucky duck! We'll all be attending different universities this fall...
All of us together (:
View from the ferris wheel.
Lastly... my lazy day oufit:
Bandeau: Garage Clothing; cross-body bag: Urban Planet
If I'm headed out for some late-night coffee, or just walking around the neighbourhood with my bestie, this is what I'm wearing... Boring shizz I know. But oh so comfy.

Found my Minnie ears, lol.
I've gotten more used to my new glasses, and the prescription doesn't make me feel dizzy anymore, but I hate how the glasses keep sliding down my nose! F. jokes that my nose stud is there to stop them from sliding further, but I legit am getting annoyed with the slide action. I've resorted to taping little sponges to the sides of my glasses in an effort to prevent it but I just end up looking dorkier and dorkier, eep. =.=;;


  1. Congrats on the mention ~
    & Gosh iWould love to go to Playland cause it look like you all had a blast.
    Aha, Good Luck with the glasses though.

  2. These photos are soo cute! It sucks that you'll all be going to different universities but there's always facebook! The most fail-safe (not) way of keeping in touch :D
    And congrats on the feature! I would totally do the same...if I had any readers haha :P


  3. don't worry, you'll be able to stay in touch with them =) friendship endures that ^-^

    I love your comfy outfit, it looks so stylish nevertheless - and yes, really comfy xD

    The glasses look good on you don't worry =)

  4. I was on holiday for some time and I wasn't up to date with your blog : < but now I'm reading all things! I love your cover (from previous post) and your lazy outfit is very convincing - I bet it's the most comfy set through out the world : D

  5. These pictures remind me of the last time I was at an amusement park. It was for science day and I wanted to go on a certain roller coaster ride over and over again, but I ended up getting totally nauseous after the first ride (lame) and was sick for the remainder of my time there. Pfft...

    Looks like you had fun though! And university will be exciting. :D Are you looking forward to it?

  6. LOVE YOUR LAZY DAY OUTFIT! You're sooooo cute!!!
    And thank you soooo much for presenting and link me! That's awesome :) I really had to smile about your words, because you're the person with the amazing sense of style!!! xoxo !!!


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