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Wow, okay, so I guess Alter Ego is not going to be a daily thing. Sorry for getting your hopes up, lovelies! I'll be updating it tomorrow when I can spare half an hour to do so. School hasn't even started yet, and I'm finding myself out all day, buying this, doing that, filling up my end-of-summer list and just hanging out with my bestie.

latex leggings: urban planet ($10); polka-dot blouse: hand-me-down from mom's friend; boots: thrifted @ VV

Yeah, so these pair of red shiny latex leggings have been added to my Shiny Leggings Collection... which currently hosts... 1 other pair T_T Will buy more, yes. I just don't wanna pay a lot of money for 'em, so I'm lurking in sales and such. Soon... maybe neon yellow. Hmmm...

Gyaru inspired outfits in the next post.

I was featured as an editor's pick on Bloggers yesterday! Hooray! My profile is here: Soyconfessions -- add me as a friend? Hahah.


  1. Awesomeeee leggings! I have that top haha...except in playsuit form (if that makes any sense)

  2. WAH GURL YOU LOOK SEW FIEEEERCE. I love how your outfit matches your hair PERFECTLY. That's just smashin'!

    Congrats on the feature and happy getting ready to go to school! hehe.

    P.S. How do you embed the youtube link so it's just the song and no video? I fail at technology and would love your tip! :)


  3. Congrats :D :D :D

    On a completely unrelated note, I'M LEAVING NEXT SATURDAY SO WE MUST HANG OUT BEFORE I GO!!!

    -gasps for air-

    so text me LOL
    Mad love,

  4. your blog is great, I do want to exchange links !

  5. you look so amazing honey =)

    and I can wait to see you in any gyaru inspired outfits *-* hehe
    I'm sorry for not commenting in so long (at least I feel like that -.-), been quite busy.
    have a great day <3

  6. WHAAAAT those latex leggings are RIDICULOUS!! I've been wanting a pair for a long time, but in black. they go really well with the polka dots too! and I love your hair :) are you going to try it in different colors? cuz that's what I'd do if I ever got the courage to dye my hair.

    I don't know if you remember me but I used to read this blog like a year ago, then I deleted my old blog and stopped reading fashion blogs for a while. anyway now I'm going to try to catch up on all the stuff I missed!

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  8. Hey! Thank you for your comment! You are very cute! Like the red part on the bottom of your hair and the red pants! Cool! It's been the trend ay;)

  9. Super stunning outfit Mimi : O
    iTry to get deals alot too. My sister gets mad because iLook at the price then walk away most of the time.
    & Bloggers looks nifty, iMight give it a try later on.

  10. Those leggings look amazing on you

  11. Congradulations! I would love to be listed somewhere like that (no idea what editor's pick is, but I'm definately going to check it out and add you [if adding is possible for me...]).

    I have neon yellow leggings. I usually don't like wearing leggings, but I lately found that they really do go great with almost everything. (Although I don't wear mine much, because I don't have an excuse to dress up much, and won't be when Pottermore comes out).

    I'm always trying to get my friends to blog but they either refuse or they never post... so sad...

    Anyway, have a great day ;)

  12. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE THIS PANTS! Mimi you look soooo good!


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