girls who look like boys

denim vest and slingbag: thrifted @ Salvation Army
restore Japan tee: bluenotes
shorts: mimi mcqueen
boots: thrifted @ Value Village

and boys who look like girls.

I've seen a lot of kids (both girls and guys) on campus wearing their flannel shirts, huge frames, skinny jeans, and boots, biking up and down the street, and I wonder... would I be happy if that's what I wore/looked like every day? The same style... every day. Being consistent. Looking a certain way. Fitting in this "alternative" standard. They are (supposedly) "hipsters" of course, even "indie", but honestly, what if you just loved flannel, skinny jeans, and boots (and needed the thick frames to see), and didn't listen to "alternative" music? What if you loved 90's cartoons, enjoyed talking about Austrian cereal that's not yet produced in North America, cutting your hair short (if you're a girl) and leaving your hair long and putting it in a pony (if you're a guy), but didn't like any indie music and never understand the references to said music?

And then there's me.

What style do I fit into? I'm edgy, but not edgy enough. I don't look sweet, I've got my piercings, I don't look sexy, I'm not beautiful, I really have no curves at all, but I don't want to dress or look like a boy. I don't wear red lipstick 24/7, or mascara, but sometimes I want to feel girly and pretty. I enjoy good music, but always stick to bands I like, never venturing into a certain "genre", because truly I listen to both bubblegum pop, and indie/alternative music, and sometimes I dislike a certain pop song that everyone else likes or I dislike an indie song that everyone else likes. I honestly can say I dislike bands like Tegan and Sara, and Paramore, but don't mind listening to their songs from time to time.


  1. heyyy I think you look beautiful :) and I totally know what you mean about not slotting into a certain style. I wear 'indie' style on one day and the next I'm dolled up in Fairy kei gear. I don't listen to any real genre of music I just listen to whatever I like be it bubblegum Pop or (occasionally) super grizzly rock music.

    I think that's the best way to be though. If we force ourselves to stick to one way of being - we'll never know how fun it can be in all the other ways! xxx

  2. I feel like I can relate so much to what you just said about yourself. It's good to be different though! I enjoy it. &I think your beautiful! &I also love your blog. :)

  3. I think your absolutely gorgeous :) and t's good not fitting into any of those stereotypes because you can wear/do/listen to whatever you want without being judged for going outside the norms...I think that vaguely makes sense?


  4. I know exactly how you feel and don't worry, we should all dress the way we want, without worrying what others might think about which style we are trying to sport -.- this way of thinking is stupid anyways =)

    great outfit and I'm still in love with your hair <3

  5. Lord you absolutely amazing inside in out. You should just be fine sticking to being yourself. The hipster/indie trend will go away sooner that we now it.
    & People really shouldn't be put in a category in what they like to do.
    Lovely outfit, might try re-creating it ~ : P

  6. Hi Sunny! I think you are cutest ever! I looked at some of your pictures on your blog but you already had me thinking "this girl has STYLE" when I sat down beside you today! See you soon! :D

  7. your hair is too cool !!




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