"creativity comes from the soul. it's what keeps you alive. makes you human."

You better believe it's Rick Genest. He is so beautiful, I cannot stop staring. His whole body is his canvas, and there's something completely admirable about that. It is not really about extremism or perceived beauty, but about an expression of his personality that captures my attention. Is this who he is inside, or what he ultimately aims to achieve? A rotting corpse? A glorification of death permanently etched above the warmth of life? But then, there is something absolutely poetic and magical in that notion. Simply wondrous. The "living dead", as Genest says. "You can never lose yourself," he says. "True and genuine is beautiful."

The song featured in the video above is "Elephant Files" by Montoire.

Yeah I'm convinced Montreal is where it's at. I'm gonna live there one of these days, before settling down in Vancouver, hopefully. Must sample the nightlife and culture of Toronto as well. Like, inhabit the place, you know? Not just travel, sight-see, snap pics, leave. I must become. Absorb.


  1. Oh gosh, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one obsessed with him. Gosh, I simply adore him, and the Dermablend ad? Ugh, I died. He's so beautiful.

  2. love your blog, and i agree, he's unreal!
    please check out my blog and maybe follow me back? XXX

  3. I've been obsessed with this guy for the past few days or so, he's so gorgeous! lol, ever since the dermablend video on youtube...sigh XD

  4. Meh I still think he has too many tats... Not my type but kudos to him for doing what he wants. :)

    COME TO MONTREAL. then we'd only be 2.5 hours apart by bus darling! or Toronto!!! Come... this summer? LOL I think I'm going to take summer courses at uOttawa for a while so you should totally come! and Visit! and I can stash you in my closet for free LOL

    Mad Love,

  5. Omg I saw his tattoo concealer commercial and it is amazing! I definitely wanna learn more about him!

    Please check out or follow my blog! :)


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