VIVERE is Latin for "to live"

If you've been following my Twitter, you probably already know that I got my first tattoo last Saturday, at this place, to commemorate... my existence of 18 years (I guess I'm a bit self-centred). I haven't broken the news to my family yet, but will definitely do so this coming weekend, maybe, hopefully, hmmm. These photos are a bit blurry so I will try to take a better one later. It reads: "I am aware, I exist, I understand, I give, vivere". If you've got any questions about tattoos (process, pain, aftercare), ask away, I will answer them!

I based it off of this image:
image via unknown
... which I'm about 75% sure is based on Descartes' Epistemology/Meditations. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Somebody asked me if I regret it.

Nope, I'm 100% sure I don't (:

Stay tuned for some snaps from a fun photoshoot Sarah and I held. Instead of studying, and/or doing anything productive.

Sneak peek?

Stay lovely, lovely.

P.S. I've really been into Enigma lately (more info here). A friend introduced me to it last summer but I didn't find it that amazing. I just rediscovered it while watching My So-Called Life (I know, hahahah, of all the places, I find this in a 90's teen drama). Have a listen, keep an open mind!


  1. wow it looks incredible! reading the title I thought you might have just gotten the word vivere but woahhh intense. did it hurt heaps? because I read somewhere that it's really painful over bone...and you're really thin! hope your family takes it ok!

  2. Ooh I love it, the placement and everything. I have that image saved on my computer haha very cool.

  3. I love your tattoo!! It fits your look so well. And the last photo is absolutely gorgeous!! As Ive said before you should be in vogue xoxo

  4. Love your tattoo ! I heard it hurts really bad near the shoulder blades but how was it ? Looks cool regardless x)

  5. i love your blog. your vibe is great. would love it if oud check out mine and follow me back if you like!


  6. That is one cool and lovely tattoo,

    though its quite big for a first tattoo.

    Nice to know you didn't regret it.


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