you done goofed

Some goofs above.

Some tattoo vanity below.

I bought some stuffs at the American Apparel Warehouse Sale that ran from Nov. 10 - Nov. 15 at the Vancouver Convention Centre. There were a lot of bodysuits, not enough hoodies. Tons of size XL and XXS, but not enough S or M. The pants styles available did not suit me, nor did the shoes. I ended up getting a medium-sized orange hoodie (a few pillings on it, not in perfect condition, argh) because it was the only size available in that colour and style, a two-toned cotton dress, a lace tee that's way too big on me but oh well, a "Legalize Gay" tank in baby pink, two pairs of tights, and two bandeaus. I liked that the tights were priced at $6 each, and so were the bandeaus. I didn't like that the lace tee was $18, and that the sweater was $26. Most of the items were not 90% off, more like 40%-60% off. Rarely was the case an item would be discounted by 90%.

I think I'll try again next year though. I don't regret the items I bought (except the lace tee, I guess, because honestly it's too big) and I wish I did get a few other things. But in total I spent $109, and that's enough for one trip.

I just had a job interview today at Metrotown, so fingers crossed! Of course I did some shopping, since, you know, it's Metrotown. Spent over $200 unfortunately, but got what I needed (thick winter jacket, black lace bustier, ear studs, zipped sweater, gloves, nail base and top coat, and 2 brands of BB creams)!

I might do a review on these in a month's time. Just maybe (;
left: "enesti" multiple water drop BB cream; right: "mizon" all in one BB cream (w/ "snail healing cream" lol)

P.S. Wondering where this post title came from? The answer is this. And this. And omfg, this (it's terrible, sorry, but this.. was funny to me), aughhhh.


  1. xD Well it could've been a temporary tattoo! Or henna lol It's a really nice tattoo though, it's original :D I love the circle!

  2. wow what a spendathon! you make me want to go out shopping :(

  3. i love the necklace its so pretty

  4. That pink bra thing is nice. Your tattoo is nice. You're nice.

  5. Loving the outfits, (; and also makes me want to go shopping !! =0="

    CMPang x

  6. You look like Korean! love the styles!!xp

    Dreamy Princess

  7. Hey!! What a lovely blog! i've just become a follower, if you wanna have a look at my blog, this is my direct link:
    You rock! Bye for now :-)

  8. Love your tattoo so much!

    Please do review the BB creams-I live in England and we only have the Garnier BB cream which is not so great xxx

    Sue-blog reader from London, England


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