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t-shirt: Walmart, DIY cropped, $7
jeans: Urban Planet, "Bongo", $20
boots: thrifted, Value Village, $10
cardigan: thrifted, Salvation Army, $8

Narcissism, wassup. I took too many photos of myself, geez, Mimi, Y U DO DIS? I know you guys are tired of having to wait 'til the photos load on my homepage before you can even scroll down. Well, at least I am. I kinda revamped my blog a li'l, and from now on I'll be adding these "jump breaks" to my longer posts so my blog will load faster! Hurrah! (I'm the only one excited about this... Okay then. Moving on.)

I've switched from using Dove Beauty Bar to Caprina Goat's Milk Soap. I've been breaking out again, probably due to allnighters, stress, junk food, and the like. Augh, my skin frustrates me so much. I need to review this list.

First final down! Economics was not bad. I'm 80% sure I passed. 15% sure I received a grade higher than C. <5% sure I received a B-. Anything higher than a B- is... completely out of my league for this course.

English exam on Friday, then party party party, then Psych 208 on the 19th, then... THIS (Sing It Forward[!!!]) -- anyone wanna come with? That's all for now, lovelies. Tweet you later!

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