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I've been sick the past few days. Fevers really suck... It's like, you're lying in bed, but the bedsheets that used to be so soft and fluffy are PAINFUL to the touch. And you're burning up, sweating buckets, but you're freezing at the same time.

"Window" by The Album Leaf

I think if I wasn't scantily-clad all the time, my health would be a lot better. Just kidding, I actually do bundle up, contrary to popular belief. I wore earmuffs, gloves, and a scarf today on top of a winter jacket and boots -- and I was still cold.

In other news, I bought a human hand off the Canadian black market to drape my rings on.

Yeah you're right, Canada wouldn't have a black market... We're just too nice.

(My sarcasm is the only bitter medicine I've been taking for my recent illness.)

(No, I took some Tylenol Extra Strength.)

(Legit, my Holy Grail of pills.)

(Thank you, Tylenol. If I ever consider attempting suicide by overdose, it'd be you, I choose.)

(Oh, shoot, this just got too morbid.)


  1. Hope you feel better soooon :( at least take comfort in the fact that you look hot even when you're sick?

  2. You poor thing. I hope you get better.
    Btw, I haven't visited your blog in a while and I just gotta say, holy shit girl you've grown! Your style and taste has really become more sophisticated and mature. Glad to see that you're doing so so well.

  3. that' a beautifully shaped human hand. bet mine wouldn't look like that if someone cut mine off. >:( -jelly-

    Maybe you should take it easy and take a few days off work? Your fever's persisting for a looooong time! maybe you should go see the campus doctor? Just in case. fevers shouldn't persist for so long! >.<

    I dyed my hair again last saturday night with this brand I never heard of (cuz the brand I wanted wasn't sold at Ottawa's TNT GRR). It's lighter now but my hair on the bottom, that's been dyed many times is now starting to resist dyes. >.< need to figure out what to do for that....

    get better soon my lovely!
    Haruka :D

  4. You have an amazing body! D: and what an awesome way to hang your jewellery pieces! I'm looking for a wooden version (:

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