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Guess who has two thumbs and is 5 inches taller in Litas?

(Imagine me pointing thumbs at myself.) (And smiling like a maniac.) (Yup, that's me.)

Got these Jeffrey Campbell Litas at Stone Ridge in Metrotown and on sale for $120 + tax too! They only had two prints unfortunately. This or an ugly-carpet-old-granny-cat-print. So it was hands down the snakeskin multi-coloured Exotic. I'm addicted.. Planning to buy Jeffrey Campbell Tardy in black or JC Ad Long once I get my paycheque.

I wore these for the first time to the Vancouver Art Gallery with friends. It started raining and I walked tons, but surprisingly these held up pretty well. A full outfit shot in next post! I need to take a nap now... Slept through all 3 of my classes today, and worked a shift in between.


  1. These are AMAZINGGGGG. Maybe not your classic black or glitter (nom) but conventional is tres boring

  2. JC'S! They look amazing on you!

    Btw, my shoes I got from Ebay, but I don't think they have a particular brand. I just typed into Ebay 'Black platform boots' and they were one of the results :D Hope this helped xx

  3. YAY you found them! I was like... what if I made up the whole litas thing being at metro?!!! but then I was so sure I saw them before LOL.


  4. I used to hate Litas cuz everyone had them, then I actually saw them on a real-life person at a real-life party at my boyfriend's apartment this weekend. while she was kind of lame, the shoes most definitely weren't. you should do a photoshoot with them!

  5. JC LOVE! <3



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