inception revisited

Do you remember this relic from 2010? Hans Zimmer is a genius, without a doubt.

To-Do List:
1) Learn at least two songs on guitar.
2) Sleep at least 7 hours a night.
3) Listen to the people who are close to me.
4) Study hard. Pay attention in class. Read lecture notes before class.
5) Write it down. Anything. Something. Everything.
6) Clean out my closet. Donate clothing I don't wear often anymore.
7) Thrift more, instead of spending money on retail.
8) Drink less. Know my limit, er, drink within it.
9) Talk to my sister more. Stop calling her "annoying".
10) Save money for 2nd year tuition, rent, and necessities. Stop spending it on trivial items.
11) Be kind to others around me, and be kind to myself.
12) Be openminded, and more outspoken.
13) No regrets. Always forgive. Don't forget.

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  1. Most of those things you listed are actually in my New Year's resolution! Great minds...


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