Young Hollywood: Elle Fanning

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The actresses you'll see in my new feature "Young Hollywood" are not only famous for their talent, the length and breadth of their career, their style, but also the young age in which they have achieved all this.

Elle Fanning is probably known as Dakota's younger sister, but has broken out independently throughout the past two years, with the release and wide acclaim of Somewhere and Super 8. At the age of 13, she was named as the new face of Marc by Marc Jacobs this past summer.

Frequently, photos of Elle and her outfits can be spotted in various fashion mags.

With every Young Hollywood post, I'll share an anecdote of my, erm, youth with you all. Don't laugh. Like srsly.

When I was 13, I used to carry this silver slingbag that I bought with the money I saved up from Chinese New Year, and wear alternating graphic tees with my one pair of flared jeans. My graphic tees usually screamed "funny" statements like too cool for school or i hate mondays in amazingly shameful patterns and colours. My friends and I thought having $60 in hand was the largest sum of money in the world. And it was. For us, that meant 2 for $20 graphic tees, and McDonald's large fries, which were all we really wanted.

I hope to blog a Young Hollywood feature every Saturday! So stay tuned.


  1. I love the dress in the third photo of her, and the video. for some reason in the Rodarte film she reminds me a little of Effy Stonem from Skins. I think their noses and facial expressions are similar.

    when I was 13, I wore baggy jeans that didn't fit because my mom made me, and, like, turtlenecks, and I had ugly glasses and long hair that I always wore in a ponytail. so I was a total nerd and always reading and stuff. how far we have come!

  2. She is the most gorgeous thirteen-year-old I've ever seen. People refer to her as being "totally mature for her age", and I just think that the fact that she doesn't ramble in an unintelligent manner separates her from most teenagers, and that's mostly considering she's been acting since she was born. It's so refreshing to see such a polite, down-to-earth, beautiful real young actress! I love this Young Hollywood feature!

  3. Both of the Fanning sisters are so gorgeous. I like how they both dress appropriately for their age unlike many other Hollywood starlets. Haha I don't even want to think about what I wore when I was 13, something along the lines of flare jeans and frilly singlets probably :P

  4. I love the Fanning sisters! I have to say though, I like Dakota best. :D
    At thirteen... I was wearing... OH god. Don't really wanna think about it LOL. Those were the days... better left buried in my parents' photo albums. XD

    Zara had a sale in Ottawa today I bought more clothes! Thankfully, I have better taste now than I did at 13... unfortunately, more expensive taste too. That's the awesome thing about back then, any regular 5 dollar graphic tee made me happy. :P

    Mad love,

    ps. You getting any better? I hear Vancouver is unusually cold.

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  6. "For us, that meant 2 for $20 graphic tees, and McDonald's large fries, which were all we really wanted."

    ^that made me smile (:

  7. Awsome cute, saved.

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