parka: Costa Blanca, $75
polka-dot blouse: thrifted @ Salvation Army, $7
jeans: Bongo (Urban Planet), $20
glitter oxfords: Zara, $20
backpack: kid's section of JOEfresh (Superstore), $12
scarf: knitted (hand-me-down)
I cut out the cities listed on my American Apparel bag and stuck them on my wall. Somehow my room is still not complete, but my stay in rez is ending in like 2 months, so I better not revamp my whole room any time soon. I can't wait to move out to my own place, rent it with one of my closest friends (we met this year; she even took photos for me), and decorate it the way we want.

I really want to travel to some of these places. Could you tell?

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