i am

denim blouse: Walmart, $14
denim vest: thrifted @ Salvation Army, $5
cardigan: thrifted @ Salvation Army, $9
jeans: SIRENS, $20
fur scarf: JOEfresh (Superstore), $15
glitter oxfords: Zara, $20

I really enjoyed wearing this outfit. Sarah and I walked for ages through Vancouver for really no reason at all, and my feet were not too bruised by the end of the day. I really wish the oxfords had better structure though; I feel as though they'd fall apart if they got soaked in the rain or something. Enjoy the video below, hahah. It never made it into submission because it was really last minute. For now, I'll file it under 'vlog'.

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  1. omg your scarf is to die for!
    haha love your vid you're funny

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  2. Hahahaha, pillows on two sides on your bed...! That's pretty nice actually! And I really like your outfit! Such a nice scarf!

  3. I love your oxfords! And I la la la love your denim blouse!

  4. Your hair is gorgeous. I absolutely love the denim on denim look.

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  5. Love your glitter shoes and your hair!! Great look. Also love the first gif pic.

    XO J

  6. I love glitter shoes until I was 12 years old. Now? hmmm...I think I need to try it again after seeing yours :D

  7. Loving the effect on that first pic, so cool! Your glitter shoes and hair are also amazing!

    Alexandra xo


  8. For such a cheap outfit... you look pretty damn good! But hey, style isn't about expense, I should know that. I like the video btw it's amusing :)


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