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1 Congrats to Cindy for winning the Fotolia giveaway! I've sent an email with the subscription code your way. Enjoy your free image downloads! Thanks a bunch to the Fotolia team for supplying the one-month subscription.
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2 My reading break has started and I'm pretty excited. Just watched The Vow last night with two of my high school friends, and had a yummy sushi dinner. My upcoming week is also pretty chill:

MONDAY Stay at home, maybe try to write a few pieces, transcribe some music for piano, learn new guitar chords/practice guitar (haven't done this in a month unfortunately eek)
TUESDAY Eat pho with a good friend, and go thrifting!
WEDNESDAY Go to Metrotown to buy a pair of creepers, and get new tattoo(s) heheh
THURSDAY Back in Langley to write up a few scholarship essays and visit high school
FRIDAY Go back to UBC to partyyy

3 Since I'm lacking in recent outfit pics, here's a photo that Sarah snapped when I first dyed my tips pink (i.e. Christmastime-ish):
So clever, that Sarah = = She drew a troll doll and ripped a hole in the paper, then pulled my hair through it to make it look like troll hair hahhhhh.

4 And of course... I love me some Australian indie rock.

San Cisco - "Awkward"


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  2. omg yayyyyyy thanks so much! Could you pretty please resend the email? I can't see it in my inbox D:
    major lols at the troll picture

  3. oh, i love your hair color, and i will watch the vow ASAP :))

  4. What did you think of The Vow? I heard the ending sucked, and that it was too Dear John-ish! Considering that Channing Tatum was in both movies!

    And thanks for showing us San Cisco! I love that feeling of hearing such a lovely song for the first time and it's like you've discovered Narnia. I'm already hunting down a place to get it into my iPod.

    Jessica | Vixenelle

  5. Okay so I've been creeping on them on YouTube and I can't stop listening to Awkward and Golden Revolver! My goodness one day we must exchange our favorite music because your taste is A+.

  6. LOL pink troll :D

    Another tattoo? What's it gna be this time? :P
    I'm on reading break too. I handed in my last assignment a few hours ago online. Finally freeeeeee~~~ For like... the next day...CUz I'm going to Toronto on wednesday! :D :D :D

    I'm writing a new post up right now... If I don't fall asleep first. :)
    Mad love,

  7. I wish my Reading Week was as chill as yours! So much work to do. -_-

    - xo


  8. Thanks for this blog! I just followed you. Would love it if you could take a look at my blog and give me some feedback or a follow! Thanks so much!


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