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SWEATER second-hand / DIY COLLAR from thrifted blouse / SUSPENDERS American Apparel $20 / CARDIGAN Garage Clothing $10 / JEANS Sirens $20 / BOOTS thrifted

Hey, if you think your Tumblr is the best shizz ever, leave a link in the comments section and I'll follow you. (Long story short, I had a Tumblr account in the summer of '10 but stopped using it because it interfered with my blogging. But now I'm back and ready to view some funny .gifs and other assortment of inspirational images, hehh.)

P.S. Have you entered my giveaway for a free 1 month sub to Fotolia?


  1. Love this outfit. Plus, how did you wave your hair at the bottom like that? I've been uber obsessed with the small mermaid wavy hair lately. Still trying to figure out how to do it without resembling a frizzy mess =.=

    I had a tumblr... except I never use it. -sigh- maybe some day when I learn to multi-task.

    Btw, I'm thinking of ombre-ing my hair lilic... So obsessed with the Mermaid look. -.-

    mad love,

    1. I shower at night, let it half-dry, then braid it in one long section down my back (from loose to tighter braid)! In the morning, it gets a bit curlyish.

  2. Love that picture. Haha. (: 'Dorbz collar. Hollaaa.

    - xo


  3. asdfghjkl i love your suspenders and that collar looks amazing asdfghjkl

    personal tumblr: http://www.j3ss1c4-zh0u.tumblr.com
    photo tumblr: http://www.p4nd4p0w3r.tumblr.com

    have an amazing day ^-^

  4. cool outfit, in love with your hair! x

  5. Your hair is absolutely amazing! Great outfit :) x


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