it's over

sweater: Mimi Mcqueen, $20
lace shorts: this online retailer, $10
tights: American Apparel (warehouse sale), $6
wedges: Old Navy (sale), $25

I walked by the SUB yesterday and saw the One Minute of Fame booth set up. I didn't think much of it and honestly I was too hungry to care what it was for.

So I had some time to kill before class today. Just got off work from my 8:30-11:30 A.M. shift so I was like "Meh, Facebook and Dexter time" but unfortunately when I clicked onto Facebook I was bombarded with these little One Minute of Fame entries from my friends. So I watched every one of them, liked a few, especially this one (shoutout to Lidia: the most amazing singer I've ever heard in my lifeeee).

I took out my tripod and started recording whatever I wanted to say (I guess that's the point). The video came to about 15 minutes. Unfortunately it's not 15 minutes of fame (haaah), just... one.

After a lot of editing (and missing a class oops) I created The Most Useless Video I've Filmed (So Far). Anyway, once they post it up, I'll blog it here. The last day to submit was today, so once again I've put off doing something 'til the last minute.

P.S. Have you entered my giveaway for a free 1 month sub to Fotolia?

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  1. that sweater is fabulous. Love the color on you and the lace peaking out underneath.

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