St. Valentine's

Sure, it's Valentine's Day, and sure, I'm single (again) this year, but my one true love will keep me warm tonight.

I meant, I'm curling up in bed with my laptop tonight.

And my love being The Internet, more specifically.

Funny Youtube videos and surprisingly sucky Season 3 episodes of Dexter will keep me entertained and my mind off my SINGLE-NESS.

Are you #foreveralone on Valentine's or do you have that special someone (lucky duck)? Care to share how you snagged that amazing guy (or girl)?

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  1. okay, forever alone seems a little dramatic!
    well...i snagged my man by getting really drunk, jumping on top of him at a tram stop at 4am to convince him to come home with me and sharing a beer with him for breakfast the next morning before going to meet my parents who had flown to germany for the weekend to visit me...not really a method i'd recommend though. anyway, he's 6 hours away from me tonight. we had a skype date and i watched him fold his laundry. romance at its finest! x

  2. #foreveralone
    what's more sad is that I'm here at the library, on the intense quiet floor attempting to study. #attemptfailed.

    mad love,

  3. forever alone :( valentines day can suck it :P lol I played skyrim last night. Who needs a man when your slaying dragons? they would just get in the way xoxo

  4. hahahah I spent the night making dinner for me and my....cat :P

  5. You're so cute <3 I am not single but my boyfriend lives in another city so I also spent the evening with my lap top ... :)



  6. Aw. Cheer up, buttercup. <3 Michael C. Hall can be your Valentine! He's gorge. (Or maybe that's just me who thinks that. o_o)

    I skipped all my classes and spent the day with my special someone. We met in freshman year of uni, through drama class. Friends first, romance second. That's they way to go. (:

    - xo


  7. aww it's ok, someday the right guy will come along and it will have been worth the wait :)

    my dude and I (who are long-distance) spent most of Valentine's Day arguing and discussing our various relationship issues. so I guarantee you had a better day than I did!


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