Young Folks

A beautiful model with mermaid-pink hair, an amazing photographer, and the wonderful styling of Cassandra Kellogg, Kimberley Gordon, Emily Faulstich, all come together in the summer look book for Wildfox Couture, 'Sirene'. The images below are taken from I LOVE WILDFOX. Check out the site for more inspiration.

The Kooks - "Young Folks" (cover)

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  1. PINK HAIR!!! I want some of that but I can't unless I bleach my ends like you did. I'm on a mission to grow out my hair though. I want boho mermaid curls for the summer! :D

    I wish I see hot/cute guys lots! I see some but they end up being assholes. >.<
    I don't think you have rosacea though.... for some reasons your skin issues doesn't really look like it... Is your skin getting any better tho?


  2. I want pink hair! SO BADLY. Too bad I could never get my hair blonde enough for it to work...
    This collection makes me long for summer!

    - xo


  3. this is absolutely amazinggggg!!!! especially love the fourth and last shots. btw tagged you in a post!

  4. loads to read.. lovely blog... so simple and clean...your newest follower from bloggers:) ilike skin care

  5. I just stumbled upon your blog and it's amazing and fabulous! I'm also a make-up junkie. :) I'll be sure to follow you.youngblood makeup

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  7. Dear Mimi:

    I've been meaning to coming 'round to tell you this, but I keep feeling like if I write it out onto words over the internet, it will lose it's special-ness. But, I'll tell you anyway, because I thought you should know-- I appreciated your comment on my "Running Away" post-- I appreciated it so much, and I was very glad that you allowed me to know about your story.

    I am so happy that things have worked out for you-- I hope you're incredibly happy. Because you deserve it.

    Jessica | Vixenelle

  8. wildfox is always so gorgeous, I adore the 'skool sucks' jumper.

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