My faux creepers are hhhheavy, man. These shoes run about half a size too big for my feet! But I'm working it because, well, I paid for em, and honestly I still love em even if they are slightly too big.

I've worn em twice in a row already. Here are the first set of promised outfit pics. Will post the second set in 1-2 days! (Sorry, but I have so much to do for school right now, it's crazy. I'll stop complaining though.)
LEOPARD COAT thrifted $23 / BLOUSE $5 and GARTERS $20 consignment / THIGHHIGHS Target $7 / CREEPERS Ebay $50 / SHORTS Urban Planet $10

What do you guys think about smoking? Glamourous or overkill? Cool or stupid? I wanna hear your opinions please.


  1. your creepers are awesome!! & so is your outfit :)
    ive always thought of smoking as disgusting but it can look really cool on tumblr but in real life, nope.

  2. Hey, I absolutely love your style! :) your jacket is amazing! :)
    I have some friends who smoke and honestly I don`t care, but I think it`s stupid.
    When you are young smoking is IN and later you suffer under it.

  3. Your hair is looking so good! Awesome score on the leopard print jacket!

  4. Oh my, those creepers are awesome. I'm still considering buying them, but I'm not so sure since I'm already so tall!

    And my thought on smoking, well, it one's own choice. But I wouldn't do it because it'll mess up my skin (or health and look in general). I find it also pretty unattractive and tacky to see someone smoking outside in the cold. Also, I cannot really stand the stench. I do have friends who smoke but I leave the decision entirely to them. And yes, I have smoked... every once in a while on a party after some booze because I felt like it. But I would never buy a packet AND it is incredulously pricey.

  5. Hm.. still not feeling the creepers... They just remind me of children's shoes? Plus it's big and clunky looking... and I've already got huge feet.

    I see what you mean about the dye not taking! But it's not too bad! I er. dyed my hair again. This time I used hydrogen peroxide and dye and am now a darker strawberry blonde. O_O I'm so addicted it's not funny lol. Planning to get some manic panic purple dye to mix with conditioner to tone my hair to a cooler blonde. Or maybe I'll dye over it again...

    Smoking, admittedly, can look pretty glamorous in magazines and posters but honestly, the glamour part is mostly the work of the stylist, hairdresser, photographer, makeup artist... you get the point. It's not so much as that smoking is glamorous as much as people can make it glam. I don't advocate smoking because there's just no cool factor; sallow skin, early wrinkles, bad breath, yellow teeth, bad overall smell, bad health...is just not cool.
    I haven't even gotten to secondhand smoke yet...

    mad love,

  6. looooooove the shoes!! i dig the whole grunge vibe of this outfit!XO


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