REVIEW Too Faced Primed and Poreless

Product info pulled from Sephora:
"A makeup primer scientifically formulated to achieve the look of flawless skin without makeup.... [You] can wear [it] alone or under bronzers and foundation powders.... Vitamins A & C, Mulberry extract, and a powerful dose of Retinol virtually banish pores while tired skin is left hydrated, firmer, and detoxified.... It looks great on any skintone! The nude tone becomes invisible once applied."

I purchased this online at Apothica for $29.70 plus $17 shipping last summer (I got a bunch of other stuff along with it so I'm not complaining about the expensive shipping fee... this time).

Primed and Poreless lasted me until January (5 months), which is pretty good, considering the fact that I wear makeup daily.

The good:
1) It minimized the look of my pores.

2) It smoothed out my skin, and gave it a velvety feel.

3) This product allowed my foundation to last throughout my 9 hour day, with only my nose and T-zone appearing slightly oily by the end. No streaking, yay.

4) The nude/beige colour disappears and blends into my exact skin colour once applied. This is truly a 1-shade-for-all primer.

5) Application of foundation and powder was a lot easier when wearing this primer underneath. I was also able to use less foundation, saving me money.

6) It did NOT break me out! Hallelujah. It didn't irritate my skin in any perceivable way and I think it acted as a barrier between my skin and other makeup, so that my skin was actually clearer when using this primer than when I wasn't.

7) Product comes in a tube, which is very sanitary.

The bad:
1) $30 is pretty pricey for a 1 fl oz amount of product!

2) I felt no effects from the retinol or the antioxidants that are supposedly added to the primer. It didn't brighten my skin or hydrate it either. A moisturizer is a must before applying any primer!

3) An unexpectedly large amount of the product was needed to fully cover my face. A dime-sized amount for my forehead, another for my cheeks, and another for my chin and nose. Sometimes I'd just skimp on my cheeks because I don't get too oily there.

The bottom line: I recommend this product to anyone with oily-combination skin and $30 to splurge on a nice primer. This product did not break me out personally, and (in my opinion) contributed to my overall skin's health and clearness when I was using it. It allowed my foundation to last for a longer time and also reduced the look of pores, while making my skin soft to touch.

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  1. I use a Rimmel primer and it's pretty cost effective and pretty good from what I can tell plus no break outs unlike stupid clinique lipgloss.

    Bright Green Laces

  2. Shiet, product reviews. I should do one of those for some vegan facial creams. How are you, Sunny?

  3. Looks like one to try out when I eventually figure out this foundation business :P


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