Sorry I've got no outfit pics to showcase here or a vlog or anything interesting... I spent Friday morning and afternoon snoozing in bed (missed a full day's classes), and Friday night with the University Fashion Club kids in Gastown, first chilling at L'Abattoir with our trĂ©s expensive appetizers (and Francys's yummy sablefish dish), then crashing a Persian New Year's party at Canvas Lounge -- we were going to a Vancouver Fashion Week afterparty but the venue was obviously taken over -- and ended up in Guilt and Co. upon Francys's recommendation. It was a fun, amusing night overall, PLUS I got to wear my JC Litas for the.. oh, third time. (I need to find more occasions to wear em!)

Saturday, I was up at 8:30 A.M., prepared for the Totem Football League semi-final game. Nootka 2nd didn't win, but we played hard.

Three hours of transit later, I'm finally home in Langley, as tired as... a girl who just spent three hours in transit.

My faux Creepers were waiting for me at home, packaged and smelling like industrial glue. Yum.

I'll be wearing em in an outfit soon, trust me.
Slept til 5 P.M. on Sunday and started to dye my hair right upon waking up, trying to save some time. My left side is red while my right side is pink-yellowish since the pink dye washed off practically in one shower (FAIL). After dressing up, tried to record a cover and it didn't work. Gave up. Will re-record it two weeks from now, I guess.

So mom drove me back to dorms around midnight after we argued and screamed at each other about me transiting at such a late time, and then I spent four hours doing some recon on the homework front.

Slipped in bed around 6... and I couldn't sleep. Just got up to type this and to try to add some money onto my meal card which... didn't work since it doesn't take my bank account apparently. And I've got a full day ahead of me, two hours of classes followed by four hours of work, ending with an hour and a half of Sociology. Then I've got to meet my Psych project partners to start/finish our project to present this Friday! Yup, busy week for me.

SOOOO good morning, Soyconfessions readers.

You look lovely as usual. Did you do something different with your hair today? It's absolutely refreshing to wake up/slip out of bed from a sleepless night to see you and your fashionable self (;

How do you do it?

Thanks for reading (if you even attempted to read this blog post, I commend you)!

And I'm ending a super long post with a super long song: "Stella" by Kashiwa Daisuke. It starts out somewhat like a horror film but it's worth it. Very beautiful once the guitar kicks in. Trust me, just spend maybe 10 minutes listening to the beginning then save the rest for when you have time to finish it.


  1. Oh my gosh, that second picture is adorable! I hope you get some rest, I always attempt to get away with no sleep, but I always end up getting out of bed and putting my head down wherever I go.

    (And yes, thank you for asking, my hair is sporting the "caught in a windstorm, rolled out of bed, looks like I haven't brushed in a week"-look!)

  2. LOL I listened to the entire thing before commenting. It makes awesome apartment hunting music (yeup still hunting argh).
    Sounds like your weekend was tough. I spent mine... attempting to get work done. Massive failure.

    My hair is not too bad this lovely ... afternoon. It managed to wave itself during my sleep despite the fact that it was in a low loose ponytail. o_O
    Mmkay, gotta get back to reading for my policy brief now.

    mad love,

  3. Sounds like a tough weekend! Get some sleep, girl! I listened to the first few minutes of that song, really different, but cool! Love it. Your blog is amazing, I am looking forward to your next post!
    If you have the time, I'd love for you to check out my blog and follow!

  4. love your blog!! now following! follow mine here:

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  5. this song is so..chilling. thank you for posting it, i'm now in love with it. <3


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