I am the girl your mother will hate

It will take you a while to realize that your life isn't some museum where everything is on display for others to view and amble through as freely as they wish. Not a play either, where you're the protagonist (or antagonist at times), or a narrator reflecting in. You don't need to dress a certain way (see: ripped tights and oversized band tees) or do certain things (see: smoking) to fit into any label or hyped up subculture of the current generation. You are you are you. You can do whatever you want. And that includes dressing in ripped tights and oversized band tees and smoking, without being called a "rocker" or "punk".

It takes 20 good minutes to brush out your mane of ratty, matted hair after a night of dancing, and all the while this sounds like your phone vibrating. But no one's calling you.

You learn that you just need to be sweet to people who are worth it, and that's basically everybody. Never hurt or anger anyone unless they, deep down inside, want to hurt or anger you.
You need not be funny or quirky or witty in any way. Not every girl needs to subscribe to the manic pixie dream girl lifestyle magazine. Actually, scrap that, no girl needs this aspiration in life. Just live, and be, and free yourself from any social constraints. You will find a person (anybody, anybody, out of the 7 billion and growing) or even two people or even three or more (!) who will sincerely care about you and want to see where you are now and where you'll be in a year, five years, sixty years.

Nobody else really cares about such detail in your life. All the time you're just talking to a wall, to the Internet, or to yourself. You think you're so goddamned interesting? I know you do. Everybody thinks they're interesting in some way or another. And it's true that some aspects of your measly life can be construed in a way that appears 'interesting' to others, but in reality, you are not on reality T.V. and people don't either hate you or love you for some arbitrary reason. You just exist. That's all.

You can make something of yourself though. You can meet the people who will love you and adore you.

You can go out there and do it all.

Do not be afraid on this venture, and remember to drink lots of water,


  1. Love how inspirational you are ! I've been having some hard times and your blog entry has really given me light. Thank you so much !
    Love your pink hair color too >.<

  2. yea should drink more water. garr but it tastes like nothing. moop. interesting post, still trying to figure out who i am. thanks for your words of inspiration. :)

  3. Interesting. That photo looks old but the plain-Jane-look is good on you.

  4. this was amazing and relevant and wow spot on o:


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