let me put on a show for you daddy

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I wish I could say I dislike Lana Del Rey's music, but unfortunately I like her songs. I just think she's terrible at performing live. At least she's upfront about it. And she can keep practicing her vocals and stage presence 'til she improves. Also, please just admit you've had plastic surgery to get those lips... It's so obvious. Why deny it, LDR?


  1. I've got mixed opinions about Lana as well...on one hand I really love her for her originality, yet on the other hand, like you said, she really can't perform live. But it's still good to have someone different on the scene :)

  2. hahaha yes, that kind of stuff sometimes happens to me as well! always worth a nice big facepalm :p

  3. Meh. I just really like her songs. Although this week my playlist has been more Lily Allen than Lana :)
    A few things:
    1. havn't dyed my hair again yet. Plan is to find a job first that doesn't care about crazy hair before going for it :D
    2. Got so much stuff to blog about I don know where to start. HELP.
    3. Political Science and French exams will kill me. -bam- no Nancy for the summer >.<
    4. I like your make up in this post <3
    5. Let's hang out when I come back!!! I'm back next Tuesday so come over thursday or friday or something and we'll chat :D:D (and possibly camwhore)
    6. Creepers are still creepy.

    Mad love!
    Haruka (see you in a week or so :D)

  4. thanks for your comment on my blog ;)



  5. Wow you are so incredibly prettty! :O You kind of remind of whats-her-name...from NaNa, the singer? well anyway, shes pretty too :) your outfits are always awesome

  6. Your makeup looks absolutely A+++++++++++++ ! And your hair is awesome!

  7. I love (!!) your make-up in this post! You look so cool!
    And yes, Lana del Rey, ughhh, I just really dislike her. And her whole face looks 'fake' and plastic surgery-like.

  8. Love the rockin edge paired with the cute hat

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  9. Hey sweetie! You have a very beautiful blog with a lot of inspiring posts! I'd like to invite you to be my friend and follow each other:)

  10. yall need to stahp stalking our bff laquisha monroe asterholf.


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