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Just finished watching the first season of American Horror Story and I gotta say, I was pleasantly satisfied. Even though some lines made me laugh out of pure ridiculousness, the entire story and the characters were justified and developed. Good job, Falchuk and Murphy (writers of said T.V. show and also of Glee and Nip/Tuck), well played.

I can't really blame Violet for falling in love with a psychopath either. In every young girl's life, one goes through a phase where the "bad boy" trumps all other stock characters of a self-written movie script. With a sudden growth in the amount of lines, scenes, and dialogues with the "bad boy" comes a whirlwind romance in which

A) the relationship ends badly
B) the girl gets hurt and heartbroken while the boy plays the "I don't understand why you're being like this" card
C) the boy realizes he's in love with her and changes his ways in the end
D) all of the above.

In AHS (D) is the correct answer.

Oh and everyone dies in the end. And the boy is still a psychopath.


If you guys have time, read this interesting article I found a few months ago while Googling "in love with a serial killer" (I was watching Dexter around that time, so naturally I was curious). "Romancing the Stone-Cold Killer: Ayn Rand and William Hickman" discusses Rand's idealized characterization of Hickman... or something or other. I didn't finish reading the article but will right now, after posting this! Heh.

Here's an excerpt from the author's intro:
At the time, [Rand] was planning a novel that was to be titled The Little Street, the projected hero of which was named Danny Renahan. According to Rand scholar Chris Matthew Sciabarra, she deliberately modeled Renahan - intended to be her first sketch of her ideal man (emphasis added) - after this same William Edward Hickman. Renahan, she enthuses in another journal entry, "is born with a wonderful, free, light consciousness -- [resulting from] the absolute lack of social instinct or herd feeling. He does not understand, because he has no organ for understanding, the necessity, meaning, or importance of other people ... Other people do not exist for him and he does not understand why they should." (Journals, pp. 27, 21-22; emphasis hers.)
Obviously, Ayn Rand was most favorably impressed with Mr. Hickman. He was, at least at that stage of Rand's life, her kind of man.

So the question is, who exactly was he?

William Edward Hickman was one of the most famous men in America in 1928. But he came by his fame in a way that perhaps should have given pause to Ayn Rand before she decided that he was a "real man" worthy of enshrinement in her pantheon of fictional heroes.

You see, Hickman was a forger, an armed robber, a child kidnapper, and a multiple murderer.

Other than that, he was probably a swell guy.


  1. you always have this fierce look in your eyes when you take photos. it's so goood!

  2. i love the way you can make anything look good together!

  3. interesting. you pull off the cropped bustier top look well, me, i need to hit the gym. and your sunnies are amazing, so gorgeous

  4. oh my your glasses are to die for! they look adorable!! check my blog out whenever you're free :)


    victoria xoxo

  5. Sometimes amorousness can grow out of appreciation for persons that seem "extraordinary". Take for example the charming psychopath that manages to woo even the most sensible woman. Rand, as I know, is a person of intrigue as well as an objectivist probably saw this Hickman as a pure representation of "existence out side of consciousness". The consciousness in this case being the fact that he lacks the usual, human quality of empathy. Call him a sociopath, Rand seems to see him as free and unbounded of humanity therefore "beyond human".

    I absolutely love your outfit btw. Where did you get those killer sunglasses?

  6. I love what you're wearing!

    XO Sahra

  7. Amazing Outfit, I love your backpack.

  8. Love your backpack!!



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