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SWEATER thrifted $8 / SKIRT free from Totem Clothing Swap / SOCKS Claire's $2 / BOOTS thrifted $10 / HAIRBOW American Apparel $16 / TEE American Apparel $25

My sleep schedule is completely out-of-order. I slept 2 hours before waking up at 7:30 A.M. on Saturday for my English exam. Then stayed up 'til 6 A.M. on Sunday due to a study session with friends. She lives in this gorgeous apartment in Wesbrook Village... It's insanely quiet and tranquil there. We took 3 smoke breaks in total, which really isn't that bad. Walked back around 9 A.M., took a long shower, and decided to finish watching Fight Club... ended up falling asleep from noon 'til... now. 14 hours of sleep and now I'm starving. Just coughed down an opened bag of Crispers (these are so addicting I tell ya) but I have no other food. Ugh. Wish I didn't eat my instant noodles two days ago.

Here are a couple photos I found of William Edward Hickman from this website.
He's the young fellow wearing the rather stylish patterned sweater.

Anyway... Brad Pitt actually used to look pretty hot. In the Fight Club film at least. Oh man I remember reading and obsessing over Chuck Palahniuk's novels in Grade 10 with some of my close friends. We would all talk about the horrors we encountered when finishing up Rant or Choke or Lullaby (one of my favourites). Haunted was the novel that managed to gross me out the most. I can't believe high schools put stuff like that in their libraries... But if it wasn't for Mr. Palahniuk's novels, I'd never have been able to nurse my tolerance for the disturbed to this level. I've got a long ways to go though.

As for me and my friends, we moved onto Douglas Coupland, who we came to call "the Canadian, less terrifying version of Chuck Palahniuk". But in reality, Coupland is probably a much better storyteller than Palahniuk. Even without the gore and guts and sex and violence that can be found in Palahniuk novels. Which is saying something.

P.S. After 2 1/2 tequila shots during the allnighter study session, I convinced a friend to chop off my ombre ends. Goodbye hair.

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  1. ooh that is a great skirt! the waist is really unusual!


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