"Lids" cover (finally) & a Mean Girls reference

TANK and SUNGLASSES H&M / DENIM BLOUSE Walmart / SHORTS Urban Planet and DIY'd / GARTER La Vie En Rose / THIGH HIGHS eBay / BAG and BOOTS thrifted

Uptown Live! with my good friend Vrindy a.k.a. "my name isn't Wendy or Brittney" today. It was way too hot, and we were both way too tired. Vrindy ran the Relay for Life from last night to the wee hours of the morning and I worked a 10-hour shift yesterday. Her circumstance is way worse hahah. She sat on the ground freezing her butt off because nobody brought her blankets. Life Lesson: bring blankets at all times.

Hey look it's The Zolas.

Hey look it's a cover of "Lids" by Lotus Child a.k.a. The Zolas. (Sorry for the... month long wait. I still don't like how I sound 'cause it's pretty high in some parts T_T)

And so concludes the gigantic post to make up for lack of regular posts.


  1. I resent the "nobody brought her blankets comment". Both Melisa and I brought blankets. She used mine for a long time. She also used my winter coat I brought. :P I also told her numerous times that I had an extra long sleeve t-shirt, and three more sweaters. :P

    Also, I'm sad I didn't come.

    1. Also, I loved your cover. :)

    2. Ohmygoodness hahahah. Okay well its good to hear both sides of the story. i wish u did!!! but it was super hot & u wuld've been rly tired as well. there r always other concerts & festivals (; thanks! i still need to work on my vocals...

    3. It's probably better that I didn't. But still...I missed a Zolas concert! :(

      And your vocals are far better than mine, so I consider that pretty awesome. :P (Just ask Vrindy, I was so tired by the end of Relay that I was definitely doing a lot of singing. :P)

  2. Your outfit is gorgeous!
    Loved the thigh high suspenders :)

  3. I love the outfit its a very rocky cool vibe to it! Sweet blog too.


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