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We Are The City - "That's It That's All"

All my friends get along with the idea of growing up. All my friends, makeup on, it's Friday night. All my friends can't get along with the idea of growing old.

I'm feeling good. I'll say the least, my friends are not so cool these days. Keith, Cam, and Ash. Bobby, Matt and Joan. Chris, Cait, Jess. Look, see I'm not alone!

That's it, that's all!

Is it weird that as you get older, you start to realize that there are increasingly more ways to explain your emotions and less and less people to listen to them. And you start to normalize your life by telling stories, maybe through Twitter or even Facebook statuses even though nobody really wants to hear it.

Maybe that's why we all turn to art and pursue interests that aren't critical to our survival -- but are damn important for our ultimate happiness and quality of life.

We want others to fervently follow our every whim and choice and discovery but also push people away to preserve a sense of mystery. We talk about ourselves in vague, abstract ways during the large insignificant portions of our lives and then blatantly blurt out our most innermost arcana during those small moments that make us who we are.

That is why we are human.

Now onto lighter conversation, what should I do about my hair? And also, when will I organize my shoes...? I can't even remember how many pairs I have because I haven't seen most of my shoes since moving back home...

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