don't you think the cat is alive

"Help I'm Alive" by METRIC

There are these little characters that somebody has to play, so that life as we know it can go on. Every moment is a scene from someone else's fucked up movie. We all play these characters without reason.

I'm convinced the world is made up of two kinds of people.

Those who are oblivious to these predetermined roles, and those who recognize them. The former may claim their happiness out of complete ignorance while the latter may be proclaimed as dramatic, downers, depressed, psychotic, conceited. Freaks.

What do any of us know?

Do I need to take a break from my online presence?

I don't want to. But what if I need to?

Don't you wish you knew exactly who you were?


  1. Ich habe mich entschlossen, mein etwas anderes Leben aufzuschreiben.Es handelt von Krebs, bis zum Halbwaisen. Würde mich freuen über dein ein oder anderen Besuch.


    Mein Blog - Plötzlich Halbwaise -

  2. yes.
    dang this post practically read my mind. o:


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