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I am a fashion blogger with rosacea.

What is it?

Well, to put it simply, rosacea is a skin condition that makes little bumps appear on your face and you look like you have a really bad sunburn. Usually these bumps and the facial redness are caused by a myriad of things, most of which are listed here.

If you browsed through the list, you'd have realized that ALMOST EVERYTHING TRIGGERS FLARE-UPS which can be quite annoying.

And some of my favourite things are on that list, like spicy food, sunny weather, and the steam room at the public pool. Sucks, eh.

Remember in past posts, I stated that I have oily acne-prone skin? Now I gotta change that description to sensitive, oily skin with rosacea.

I'll be putting up an updated skincare routine soon, and maybe a foundation routine if I have time and am willing to bare my face again!

If you have rosacea, feel free to discuss your triggers in the comments section -- or, if you're like me and are completely clueless about what your triggers are yet, feel free to post what your skincare routine is and anything else you'd like to say!

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