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I had to beg my mom to chop my hair off two nights ago. It turned out okay, a bit lopsided but who cares? I love it! My neck can breathe.

The only bad thing about this new haircut is that I can't pay $1.75 for bus fare anymore. I don't look like a high school student anymore.

I was gonna get my friend to dye my hair today (with box hair dye from the drugstore) but I completely forgot it at home! I only half-remembered it while waiting for the bus then fully remembered it while getting on. Gah. Me and my forgetful self.
image via Lorealparisusa.com
This was the colour I chose. It's "L'OREAL Feria Violet Soft Black" which is gonna give my hair a dark purply tint. Supposedly.
Okay I just Googled for some reviews and they're all so negative! But I'm still gonna go ahead with it because I honestly couldn't care less about how my hair colour turns out. I just want a change.

If it turns bright orange, I'd be happy to welcome it to its new home atop my head.

Green too. (I was actually thinking of dying my hair green before picking this L'oreal dye up! But decided not to because I didn't want to bleach my hair again.)

Anyway I'll definitely post some pics up when I do it! It'll probably be next week 'cause I'm planning on going to Cultus with some friends this week, and I'll be working during the weekend.


  1. Schwarzkopf Brilliance purple hair-dye really works! you might want to try that out if L'Oreal doesn't work out.

  2. Love the bustier – sexy


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