Recently went to the Richmond Night Market with some friends from my old high school and picked up some cute (completely unnecessary) things and gobbled down a load of unhealthy food. (Why must yummy food be so bad for me?)

Staying true to my Asian roots, yeup.

1 Super cute Domo backpack for $18, WHICH I HAGGLED TO... $15. Mostly I just complained about how expensive it was to my friends who all nodded eagerly back at me. Then I complained to the guy selling it. He gave me a helpless look and said "Okay you can have it for 15." SCORE.

2 A set of gift boxes, a coin purse, and a notebook. COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY TO MY SURVIVAL (I mean, who writes in notebooks anymore?) (I DO!) (but I have like 3 unused ones still in my drawer) BUT ADORABLE, NO? Yes. The gift boxes were $3, and the coin purse & notebook were 2 for $4.

3 CAT EARS and a Hello Kitty barrette! 2 for $10. Both are accessories that I can wear to work... sadly. I work at a booth selling Hello Kitty items, what do you expect me to wear? A tailored 2-piece suit with stilettos?

I promise you I'm not the weirdest Chinese girl you have ever met. Swear to God.

But I think working at two sushi spots and the Hello Kitty booth has... changed me.

On a different note, I was finally fired from Sashimi Sushi... So am now currently hunting for another job PLUS a place to live for my upcoming second year at UBC. Preferably around Commercial-Broadway skytrain station or Metrotown OH MY GOD IF I LIVE AT METRO I MIGHT JUST BECOME THE WEIRDEST CHINESE GIRL YOU HAVE EVER MET. Hel-lo, they have T&T, random Asian clothing stores, and a bazillion Chinese people living in one tiny community.

But honestly, I need to find an apartment, and fast.

And now a relic from the riot grrrl + Sassy mag era.
"Hey Baby" by Sassy's editorial team CHIA PET


  1. Soooo it's like 6:20 AM in my country and i'm reading your blog :D
    Those boxes are soooo cute <3

  2. kinda in love with that domo backpack *_*

  3. Lovee the backpack & love you haggled for it too aha nice one.

  4. I've found myself becoming increasingly asian over the past few weeks as well...bargain hunting, bubbletea and my first karaoke experience haha


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