BRB Romwe's having a huge sale. Plus an extra 15% off discount code "CLEARANCE15%" if your order's over $60. (It's gonna be easy to go past that, at this point.)

P.S. This post is in no way sponsored or blah blah blah. I'm just a Romwe-loving kinda girl, and I woke up way too early so I have all this time to browse through the sales. Also retail therapy and what not. As self-esteem nears zero, clothing in closet grows exponentially. Wait did that make sense? I got a 3 in IB Math SL... and the IB program scores out of 7. WAIT BUT THE POINT OF THIS POST WAS NOT OF MATH, BUT OF SAVING MONEY which kinda involves math, doesn't it? Oh whatever.

1. Kitty tee, $16.19
2. Gorilla tee, $24.31
3. Darkwash denim bustier, $20.81
4. Light denim bustier, $19.67
5. Leopard-print tee (literally), $18.59
6. Half-and-half floral blouse, $23.74

1. Fluorescent shorts, $19.19
2. Dipdye casual, $22.80
3. Patriot leggings, $20.81
4. Vacation leggings, $22.79
5. Gradiant bleached shorts, $19.19
6. Rawr, $28.49

1. Slit maxi, $18.59
2. Cutout cream, $15.54
3. Retro pleated, $22.30
4. Cutout denim (reminds me of the Jeremy Scott denim 2-piece Rihanna wore), $24.78
5. Brocade, $36.09

What's great about Romwe is that there are no limits to what outfits you can piece together because Romwe is a blend of every different kind of style you'll ever find. You can go for a punk look, a vintage look, a messy rocker look, a runway on-trend look, anything that you see on T.V. or in magazines, you'll find for a less expensive price on Romwe or any other Asian street-style-focused online retailer. The only thing I'd worry about is the issue of quality. But if you don't care about big name brands and want to purchase that new "IT" item, like remember studded flats or galaxy print, but don't wanna spend too much on one thing, you can definitely check out Romwe for something similar.


  1. lavender with cheetahs? yes please

  2. i love the half-and-half floral blouse! and the dresses, i love them all! :D

    <3, Mimi
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