the beach

Me and my sister Jenny
Jenny and Grandma
Mom in the late 80's
Above are some photos I found on my mom's camera; she must have taken photos of some old prints.

I went beach hopping with (most of) my family yesterday. The weather was gorgeous: not too hot but sunny enough to swim in the water. Lots of sunscreen was used. We stopped by Crescent Beach for a couple hours, and then White Rock.

Jacqueline (my baby cousin), Jenny, me, and Grandma

My mother likes photography. I get really annoyed whenever I spot her clutching her pink Sony Cybershot at family events or outings but now that I think about it, I understand why she would like to hold onto a piece of the present.

Because the present becomes the past, and once a moment has passed, you can't get it back.

My mom has gigantic photo albums hidden in her walk-in closet (remember when people would stick printed photos in physical albums and not just upload digital ones to Facebook? yeah, me neither :P) which I used to love flipping through as a kid. It's weird seeing tinier versions of yourself doing things that you don't do anymore right in front of you, eyes fixed and frozen in time.

I can also spot a few photos where I'm giving the "obviously fake smile" (the one I use when I want to show I'm angry that someone is taking my photo -- almost always, that someone is my mom), even though the change in my smile is miniscule and certainly undetectable by others. I find this ability a comfort, that I above all others can tell when my smile is sincere or an act.

And I think I inherited my mother's love of portraits and photographs of people.

What's that super cheesy saying about a picture...?

Yeah, the one you're thinking right now.

With a minor adjustment. Those words are in the eye of the beholder, and sometimes they may be aligned with reality, and sometimes they may be aligned with the unconscious.


  1. such a wonderful post :) my family always take pictures as well xD literally EVERYTIME and EVERYWHERE :'D haha
    but you all look so pretty :)) and thanks for sharing your childhood pictures!

    xoxo FlirtingwithFashion

  2. I love looking at old family photos as well. I'm guessing the parents know about your tattoo now, how did it go?

    1. My mom thought it was not too bad, a little classier than the rest. "At least it wasn't a skull" is what she said in Chinese hahahah. My dad doesn't know still... Unless he comes back I would think it highly unlikely that he'll find out lol.

  3. Hello. I really love your photos. Such an awesomeness.


  4. These photos are so precious, Sunny. Coming from a Chinese family, these really harken back some memories for me as well. I still flip through old photos of me when I was a child in China once in a while and I get this incredible nostalgic melancholy feeling, at the bottom of my stomach. You ever get that?

    I never asked you this, but what part of China were you from? How old were you when you came here?

    I really, really like your bathing suit. I never do things with my family anymore and I'm so removed from my culture I kind of feel ashamed.

    This must be most revealing comment I've ever posted on your blog. Sorry about that.

  5. such precious pictures!



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