world's end girlfriend

 DENIM JACKET thrifted / NEON BRA La Senza / SHORTS (hacked off) Superstore / THE ZOLAS TEE / BOOTS Toxic Codeine / LIPGLOSS c/o Anastasia Beverly Hills

Wearing Hydrafull Gloss on my lips in the colour "Plastic". This gift was sent to me by the awesome peeps at Anastasia Beverly Hills and comes in their See and Be Seen limited-edition set (now released at Sephora). This is a long-lasting, bright lipgloss that suits the warm weather outfits I've been pulling out. Love it. The colour payoff is great and the Hydrafull Gloss is definitely moisturizing; my lips feel like it's been transformed into a teen queen's.

The applicator is different as you can see. It's a flat, flexible tip instead of the usual rounded, soft tip. It's the only thing that detracts from the gloss. I'd rather apply with a normal lipgloss tip. Other than that, I do enjoy putting this on when wearing casual.

I'm currently playing a Youtube version of The Wiki Game... by myself. I'm attempting to click from Metronomy to METRIC and right now I'm making a stop at the full-length Funeral (2004) album by Arcade Fire. On a different music-related note (pun intended), an old friend from high school recommended this musical project to me. He said if I enjoyed Kashiwa Daisuke, I'd like World's End Girlfriend by Katsuhiko Maeda, and hey he was right.

I'd like to say "hi" and "thank you!" to my new and old followers. Getting very close to my 3rd blogversary now and I wanna do something to celebrate! COME ON DOWN TO MY NEW APARTMENT & WE'LL PARTY ALL NIGHT. Kidding kidding. I think a giveaway would be nice, but maybe it's overdone? But free stuff. So give me some ideas if you have any, is what I'm trying to say... Love you guys!


  1. i love your outfit, is sooo nice <3

  2. you're so pretty :) But you already knew that.

  3. Wow, it´s true: The pictures are soo pretty! ♥

  4. love your hair and outfit. & thank you for commenting and following my blog you got yourself a new follower too!


  5. this is such a cute look!

    I follow you now !

    Could you do the same for me!

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