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Finally came home to the long awaited SUGARLIPS package! My Sherbert Ice Lines shorts are in a size XS and they fit comfortably on my frame. They're not too short and so very airy -- perfect for the unpredictable August weather. The pockets are lined with a frilly pink lace, matching the hem. Overall, it's comfy, it's cute, and it reminds me of whimsical ice cream colours.

These outfit shots were taken a day before this:

And this:

And finally, this:

Somehow having ice blonde hair makes my skin glow.

Or it could be my rosacea flaring up due to my uncontrollable excitement of which I could not contain at the salon. I shrieked in everyone's ears. I was that excited. Also... chemical burns, yeowch! There are some pale pink spots where the colour from my last (terrible, storebought box) dye-job would just not go away but overall it's what I've always wanted since... a few weeks ago. I'm heading back to the salon in 2 months for a touch-up and to make the colour more even!

(Yes I wore the same top twice in a row. Sorry, Fashion Gods.)

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  1. Loooooving it, girl ;)

    I just can't help but be incredibly jealous that you got the shade of blonde that I've been trying for but never achieve ha ha! Which is why I always end up going red instead.

  2. i like that color, it's nice


  3. Oh wow that is such a drastic change! The ice blonde is amazing though, I really wish I could pull it off.

  4. Wow I loved the old hair but this hair is great! Really fits with your style right now :) <3

  5. Absolutely love your hair! May I ask how long it took for Sugarlips to get in contact with you? :)



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