new and improved version

This is what I looked like 7 months ago. The difference is crazy, even to me.

Of course with the help of makeup, a different hairstyle, and a wardrobe change, anyone could look like anyone else.

Also I think I was a hell lot skinnier around January. I got really sick for like 2 weeks and that was what probably did it.

An actual outfit post is coming up. Headed to an ice cream jam sesh today (I know it sounds cheesy but it promises me free ice cream and music so why not); already planned my outfit obviously.

P.S. You better enter my giveaway before clicking that exit button.



  1. The hair in these pictures look like fire. xD
    Pretty cool if I say so.

  2. Awww yeah I entered your giveaway! And dude, that is indeed a great change indeed.

    But as we were talking, you can interpret my Drew Barrymore-hair comparison however you like. :p
    I wish there were more nice thrift stores around here, we do have a few of 'vintage' stores in Amsterdam, but they're still a bit pricey.

    What I'd like to have from Canada? Oh my... I wouldn't have a clue. I'm not really aware of Canadian...shops or (haha) sweets. But maybe we can swap something sometime. If you'd want something from Holland ;)

  3. heheh woow! you do look so different with the blonde hair now! i like your hair before too though! Did you dye it with bleach?

  4. You looked really cute! Yeah, that is a crazy difference. I'm in awe that you got your hair from black to white in less than a year - I'm too chicken to even get highlights right now.

  5. Dude, you were so "heroine chic" in that photo. I like your look now more. I'm gone for a while but I hope to see you when I come back.

  6. i love your outfit. esp that demin jacket
    u look cute with that pic. esp those lower lashes

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