Red vs. Black

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Red has always been my favourite colour and best friend, ever since I began to differentiate between hues at 6 years of age. I drifted away from Red in high school and was desperate enough to hook up with Black (during my bad boy phase) but no matter what, Black couldn't replace Red. Both colours decided to meet up and they got along pretty well until Black made a move on Red's younger sister, Pink. But finally Red and I are together again.

My 3rd blogversary is on the 12th and I still haven't come up with anything interesting. A giveaway is imminent, I suppose. I'm gonna go out and buy something nice for this, as opposed to my past giveaways (the stuff was pretty bad, I admit). Something new, something thrifted, some skincare products, some makeup. And maybe I'll make a mix CD as well.

This giveaway will have to wait a bit 'til the end of August though, but stay tuned, lovelies!


  1. Love! Man you'd rock one of my floral crowns...will deffo have to get that giveaway up and running

    Pixelhazard | Bright Green Laces |

  2. You look amazing! I was hoping to see you at the show yesterday. How was the car wash?

  3. Loving the red polka dots with that flower crown. I am kind of liking the GIFS too - they've been popping up like crazy and I somehow can't get enough. Happy almost blog-versary!


  4. Mimi!! This outfit is the coolest and cutest! You and Red are a perfect couple, and I love the florals in your hair, really nice!! (and congratulations on your 3rd blogversary!!)

  5. I don't think you can understand how much I love this outfit. Looove it! And I'm dying to get a pair of shorts like those.


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