When No One Cares

TOP & JACKET thrifted / SHORTS c/o Sugarlips♥ / FLORAL HEADBAND VanBloggerSale / FLATS Walmart

This song on replay.

"When No One Cares" by Junior Boys

Thanks for the recommendation, Victor.

I can't buy cigs because nobody will believe I'm 19. (Okay I'm not but don't I look it now at least? And the difference between 18+11months and 19+0months is absolutely miniscule.) No one cares but me.
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  1. But Caring is Creepy!

    I really like your flower crown. And looking young is a good thing - I'm nearly 20 and get IDed for EVERYTHING (even though I dress old and wear a DD cup) but if I age like my mother, I should look about 10 years younger than I am when I'm 50. You win some, you lose some. :)

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  3. OMG, U did it, and I have to admit that you look really good in this cold-blonde


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