Sneak Peek of Photoshoot

Our talented student photographers absolutely succeeded in capturing the simplicity and elegance of Oak + Fort. Directing the models was extremely fun, and they were so in tune with their bodies that it wasn't difficult at all! Can't wait to show you guys the whole reel, but for now a small selection:
Photo by Chris Tong
Photo by Chris Tong
Outfit post coming up shortly, as well as more photos from the shoots (and clothing from TODAY you are special)! If you haven't yet, visit us in front of the UBC Bookstore and maybe you'll even get snapped by one of our photographers! Membership fee is a mere $7, and once you're a member you'll be able to get discounts (or even free tickets) to fun events like a personalized shopping experience, Fashion's Night In (showcasing local designers & a dance afterwards!), a DIY workshop, and a thrift crawl (you know who suggested this, don'tcha? (; )!



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