Woah everything I'm wearing is from eBay, except for the thigh highs which are from ICING by Claire's. Yesss my replica BOY LONDON shirt just came in, as well as my COMME DES FUCKDOWN toque. Still waiting on another velvet skirt in wine red (weird, 'cause I bought that one before this black one and the black skirt was delivered faster)...

Oh and I rebleached my roots. Took 3 times! The hairdresser was terrible... I left the salon feeling a bit scammed. I'm very, very poor now but my hair looks... meh, better than before I guess. A lot of breakage in the back so I honestly don't even have that much hair left... I blame the hairdresser and his rampant blow drying/rage-brushing. Like, are you taking out your frustrations with your life ON MY HEAD?

I still tipped him $13. 'Cause societal pressures and such. Also he did spend 2+ hours on my hair. But still... BE GENTLE ON MY EXPENSIVE HAIR PLEASE.

Still a bit weak inside. Went to a mutual friend's party last night and of course he avoided me at all costs. Like he said he would. Somebody asked me why I even came, and I could only say "I don't know" in this sad, pathetic, confused voice. I just got really drunk to compensate and danced and fell once and got back up and kept on dancing.

Didn't revenge-makeout with anyone because that was one of my mistakes in the first place.

My mindset is slowly returning to SINGLE mode.

I've been writing some poetry kinda, which is good. Still procrastinating though (watching SHERLOCK, taking camwhore/outfit photos, smoking a lot) but I have so much to do for the University Fashion Club and I need to read like 4 chapters, a novel, and lecture notes. Ew.



  1. http://mishamel.blogspot.com

  2. Eep I love the way you write your blog posts.
    eBay outfits are the best outfits, and your expensive hair looks amazing! xo

  3. your outfit is awesome! I am a huge fan of boy london and I have one or another in my closet:) The combination with the hat and the skirt is stunning!

    Hope you visit me on my blog

  4. Lol omg i feel your pain. Bleaching roots are expensive and a pain in the butt.. New follower here ^^! Also studying in UBC too hehehe :P Not that I think I ever saw you around though haha


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