CROP TURTLENECK Topshop / DAISY SHORTS Brandy Melville (lingerie actually hah) / SPIKED SNAPBACK c/o Oasap / CAMO FLANNEL Used House of Vintage (Granville) / TIGHTS c/o Oasap / TRANSPARENT BAG Community Thrift and Vintage

Finally went to Brandy Melville and bought two pairs of these cute bloomers for ~$22 CAD, 1 in black and 1 in the daisy print shown above. They're one-size throughout the store though so you should probably try things on just in case.

I chose these sheer tights with garter print from Oasap simply because I like to pretend I'm a courtesan from the 1800s. Plus they cover what the bloomers can't hide.

The clear plastic material of my "new" (used) bag is awesome! I don't even need an umbrella anymore (thanks, Vancouver...), I just run from place to place and the water just slips right off the bag. I visited Community for the first time, both the men's and women's stores, and I'd just like to say, the men's store is much better... I couldn't find anything I really liked at the women's. The feel of everything is too bohemian, too hippie-esque for me. This bag was about the only thing I would purchase. (At the men's store, I bought my boyfriend a union jack flag tee which we currently share as I do like my shirts oversized and cut for lumberjacks.)

You've seen a cropped turtleneck like this before here. But this one from Topshop was only $20 CAD so I got it. It's in a rich dark forest green, plus Topshop carries a selection of other colours to choose from.

So this was an epic long post to make up for lack of posts. Sowwie ):



  1. damn, I LOVE your outfit! <3

  2. yay new post ! your outfit is boom c:

  3. I love this look with the jacket. But that bag is my fave. It's so so cool. I like the way you style things :)

  4. That hat is killer!
    Jillian - http://epic-thread.blogspot.com

  5. I love your cap soooo much <3


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