Just wanted to show off this dress I bought from Topshop in a 'petite' size 2. It fits perfectly and I'm grateful for the stretchy fabric. With a push-up bra on, it almost seems like I have curves.

A little more information about the Petite section of Topshop:
- generally carries US sizes 0 - 8, sometimes 10 and 12
- the prices are exactly the same as the regular sections of Topshop
- there isn't a large selection of clothing but this section gets new stuff every other week (or so it seems)
- everything is shorter (i.e. clothes are proportioned for a smaller figure)

For me, I wear a size 2 in regular but a size 0 or 2 in Petites (really depends on my mood/how the specific item fits on my body).

Christine released my Spotlight on Vancity TRIBE this Sunday. A snippet of the Q&A:
"VT: What inspires your personal style?

Soyconfessions: Most of the time I draw inspiration from film and TV characters with distinct personalities such as Margot Tenenbaum from The Royal Tenenbaums, Corinne Burns from Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains!, the coven from The Craft, and many more stunning young ladies on screen. I also absorb style inspo from my favourite artists, like Lana Del Rey, Natasha Kahn (of Bat For Lashes), Sky Ferreira, and Taylor Momsen."
photo by Christine Wong
To read answers to questions like "What are you wearing?" and "What's up with using USB/iPod cords to accessorize?" click here!



  1. HEY! =)

    A few days late, but I'm replying to your comment on my (now-deceased) blog, UNIque. I have a new blog I'm using now, and fifth time's a charm, right? (I don't think I've ever finished a project I've started on this website. Ugh.)

    I've been creeping your blog for years, even when I haven't been blogging myself. You've changed so much since we first began speaking! I love your new look & attitude, though. Sass-tastic. Your tattoos are rockin, too.

    UBC would be fantastic. I'm in uni, too, but actually doing a 16 mo. paid internship right now, then heading back for 4th year. What is it you're studying? & I'm still just one province over, buried in snow and hating Mother Nature. Haha.

    Also, that belt is the coolest idea ever. Just sayin'.

  2. Finals are a hard time for everyone. Don't stress! I have writer's block like 24/7 so I'm gonna have to really force myself to post weekly on this sucker. OOTD's aren't really my forte so we'll see how much clever content I can really come up with. :P

    I'm majoring in psych, too. Minor is soc. =) There's hope for people like us out there! (As evidenced through my internship.)

    Visiting you would be so cool. Gah. I adore Vancouver and haven't been since I was like…10.



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