Evan Clayton is a talented Vancouver designer and the most intuitive person that I've had the pleasure of meeting and working with on the sales floor. Evan is eloquent, caring, and tireless in his pursuit of curating haute couture, from conception to physical creation. Unfortunately I could not attend his 'JENOVA' A/W show at Vancouver Fashion Week this season, though I desperately wanted to (for reasons concerning my new job). JENOVA is "[i]nspired by the artwork of Yoshitaka Amano and the central plot to the iconic videogame 'Final Fantasy VII'... seek[ing] to explore Western culture as seen through an Eastern lens. As well, an underlying theme of juxtaposition and unity in difference is seen. Human compassion is explored, with the morality of good and the totality of evil being questioned. Brushstrokes of feminity play sword to the rough edge of masculine will. Influenced by this theorem, JENOVA seeks to inspire an introspective quest in the viewer" (source).

Today he was featured on Vogue UK with photos of his collection, and I wanted to share his designs as well. To view more of his collection, click here. To view his S/S 2014 collection, click here.

To me, JENOVA is femininity interpreted by our modern world, one where societal norms are ever-changing. Evan's more masculine pieces have intricately feminine details such as the flared pants and cinched waist, creating an hourglass figure, as well as the deep V-neckline and side-slit in the fur suit. Delicious, flowing fabrics allow his gowns to cascade floor-length. Again, I wish I was there to see it in real life!

Evan's well on his way, having been chosen to showcase his collection in Vienna, come autumn. Good luck and I wish you nothing but the best!


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