Cool for the Summer / High by the Beach

I went on a date with my best friend. She was on exchange in Japan for four months and she just arrived back in Vancouver. Needless to say, I missed her a lot and I'm happy to see her. We have both grown so much in four months and listening to her stories makes me want to travel too (soon, very soon).

DRESS and SNEAKERS topshop / SOCKS american apparel / SUNGLASSES and BACKPACK thrifted

We stopped by Thierry for coffee and macarons, and headed to a Korean tapas place for some nibbles.

Flora bought these Bart and Lisa Simpson earrings for me from Harajuku! She knows exactly what I like. I'm gonna wear the yellow out of these for the next year.

Things are a-changing, and I'm feeling good. Do what makes you happy. Do whatever it takes to make yourself happy, because when you're happy, good things happen.

P.S. "High by the Beach" by Lana del Rey has been leaked! Listen to it here, it's amazing, as expected.


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  1. Love the looks Sunny, you guys look perf!

    from likkie --


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